Fiji, 'The Jewel of the Pacific' is 4 hours flying time from Sydney, Australia, 3 hours flying time from Auckland, New Zealand, and 10 hours from Los Angeles. Fiji lies on the 180 Meridian where the dawning of each new day occurs.

Fiji's closest neighbours are Tonga to the east and Vanuatu to the west. The group of islands lies just over 1600 km north of Auckland, New Zealand, 2720 km north-east of Sydney Australia and 5088 km south-west of Honululu, Hawaii.

333 Islands make the Fiji group of Islands with a total land area of 18,345 square kilometres scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Of the 333 Islands, only 100 or so are inhabited and the rest are left as nature reserves.

Area covered: Latitude: 12° - 21° S Longitude: 176° E- 178° W

There are 2 international airports in Fiji. One at Nadi and the other at Nausori in Suva. Both are located on the island of Viti Levu. Many airlines fly to Fiji.

To travel to Fiji, you require a valid passport for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay, plus a ticket for return or onward travel. Anyone travelling from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA, China, Europe and many other countries is granted an entry visa on arrival for a stay of four months.

Tadrai Island Resort is located on picturesque Mana Island in the Mamanuca Group, the Resort lies 15 miles from the main island of Viti Levu, 30 kilometres from Nadi International Airport.