Peace – Hard Work – and a Little Magimagi!

Tadrai  Island  Resort,  Fiji’s  newest  luxury  Resort  in  the  Mamanuca  Islands,  showcases  outstanding examples of traditional Fijian handicrafts. Since opening in September this year, the Resort has won enthusiastic praise for its idyllic setting, tropical island barefoot luxury and uniquely Fijian signature.

 Meticulous attention to detail in the 100mt square villas is reflected in a selection of original artworks and décor depicting the island’s historic past.  The blend of natural materials and native handicrafts, including intricately woven magimagi (coconut fibre) lends authenticity and appeal to the creature comforts of modern design.

 Magimagi (pronounced mungi-mungi) is made from pounded, sun-dried, woven coconut husks. The fibres are rolled on the thigh (the equivalent of spinning) and braided into cord before being plaited, usually by the men during long gossip sessions!  One of the most attractive features of magimagi is the retention of its natural earth colour, although it can also be dyed black. It is interesting to note that magimagi was originally used prior to the advent of synthetic string or nails and was the most common material used for fastening, lashing and wrapping.

 A mutually rewarding partnership forged between Fiji’s Tourism Industry and skilled artisan provides a vital link in preserving traditional handicrafts and art forms rarely taught nor valued in the modern village. At age just 31, local craftsman employed on Tadrai, Rusi Taubale has turned his company, Peaceful Magimagi into a success story.  Rusi and his extended family members have captured a niche market in high-quality work, specialising in weaving intricate patterns depicting traditional motifs and designs. Guests of the Resort are able to purchase sasa (Fijian brooms) featuring finely woven ornamental magimagi handles as souvenirs of the weaver’s craft.

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